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6 min I Directed by Allen Martsch

The joy and anxiety of a high school crush.

Ambiguous Affection

A brief narrative exploration of different relationships, and intimacy within them, shown through a gathering of friends.

Artist Bio: Andie Taven is a university student trying their best. Their film changed from conception to product but the theme of platonic and familial love stayed present, wanting to show that different people are affectionate in a variety of ways.

Catfish Killer

A mysterious serial killer poses as an online catfish to seduce lecherous young men.

Khrysta Lloren is a visual artist who has made queer short films involving social media. She is greatly influenced by Giallo filmmaking and directors like Harmony Korine and John Waters.


Where does a bicycle shop fit within feminism? A look into a weekly initiative created to allow people of marginalized genders to comfortably participate in bike shop culture.

Mike Hooves is an illustrator who dabbles in filmmaking. While building her first (and only) bicycle during G.E.M. she realized the importance of the program and decided to make a film about it.

Disruption From the Family Core

The sounds of the north follow him everywhere. “Please teach me in Cree for all that I don’t know.”

Dan McCartney graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2016.His maternal family is from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. He was raised in Fort McMurray. His maternal blood lines are a proud mix of Cree, Chipewyan, and Metis. As a two spirit person, Dan sifts through questions of blood memory and inter-generational trauma. Gender dysphoria combined with cultural  leaves diaspora gashes to either remain open or to be scabbed over in time.


This film covers the coming out of an evangelical minister with four kids years after the fact, done in interviews covering varying perspectives from both him and his children.

Brian Ruhland is a university student and major film buff turned filmmaker for the first time with the release of this film.

Not Yet

Fear: something most members of the LGBT+ community experi- ence in their daily lives. This narrative short film presents an achievable ideal of love and support in society, juxtaposed with accounts of the current fears faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people.

Selina Martineau is a first year studies student at ACAD. She is a queer woman of colour who is inspired by recent and historical events relating to the LGBT+ community. Selina’s artistic practice is varied across many types of media and this is her first short film.


Youth Queer Media Gala

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Time: 7PM

Location :  The Plaza Theatre

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