Youth queer media program

Our Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP) is an exciting opportunity for youth who have an exceptional story to tell. You'll work alongside industry professionals to create a short film that represents your unique perspective on queer identity for youth today.

The program is open to any youth under 30 years of age, and no previous film experience is required. Short films can be of any genre or type and final films can be up to 15 minutes long.

The program is free and runs each year from December – April and provides the time and tools to create a short film, including workshops with industry professionals in storyboarding, script writing, editing, production filming, and special effects. The program culminates in the world premiere of your film at Fairy Tales Calgary's Queer Film Festival in May, where opportunities for additional screenings may arise.

Get creative. Propose an idea that excites you! What kinds of unique perspectives do you want to bring to audiences? What side of the story do you want to tell? Use this opportunity to explore the concepts of queer identity that interest you.

Program Timeline

-Applications Due January 1, 2020

-Workshops begin Feb 2020

-Production April 2020

-Premiere May 2020

YQMP History

The Youth Queer Media Program began in 2011 as the Youth

Anti-Homophobia PSA Program, inspired in part by the internationally acclaimed It Gets Better Project, launched in response to the epidemic of queer youth suicides in North America. Dan Savage, founder of It Gets Better, attended the 2011 Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival in honour of the PSA Program youth.

“Figuring out what your story is and sharing that experience with other people is huge. It’s so powerful."

- Amar Mangat, 2016 Youth Queer Media Program Participant

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