OUTReels Diversity Education Program

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Shifting Perspectives Through Thoughtful Discussions Inspired by Film

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Since 2009, we have delivered over 300 diversity education workshops for thousands of Albertans, using film as a vehicle for learning, discussion and empathy.

Whether you'd like to host a screening for your high school class, university student group or seniors centre, we’ll come to you to facilitate a discussion on a topic of your choice. Our films, and the remarkable dialogue that follows, will stimulate, inspire, and foster compassion through understanding.

We’ll address any topic or issue that can make a difference to your community, such as:

  • Transgender & Intersex Education
  • LGBTQ2A+ Athletes
  • Queer History
  • Bullying (School & Workplace)
  • Healthy Relationships (Dating & Family)
  • Homosexuality & Faith

What Does OUTReels Do?

  • We help to identify and educate on the LGBTQ2A+ educational issues that your community or classroom is experiencing.
  • We recommend and provide films that stimulate discussion.
  • We provide all necessary equipment for the screening, based on your venue's needs.
  • We collaborate with you to design a powerful program and post film discussion that will leave a lasting impact on your community.
  • We ensure your learning objectives are achieved during the screening and subsequent discussion.

What Do You Do?

  • You discuss your goals with our staff to determine the best film and topic for the event.
  • You provide the venue for the screening and equipment, if possible. 
  • You promote the event, ensuring your group/organization knows about the screening.
  • You liaise with our Calgary Queer Arts Society staff on all other components of the screening.

What Does OUTReels COST?

Non-Profit / Community Group Rates

  • 90 min - FREE
  • Half day (4 hours): $150
  • Full day (6-8 hours): $300 

Institutional / Corporate Rates

  • 90 min - 2 hr session: $250
  • Half day (4 hours): $500
  • Full day (6-8 hours): $1000

Book An OUTReels Session

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