OUTReels Diversity Education Program

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Shifting Perspectives Through Thoughtful Discussions Inspired by Film

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Outreels is currently booking sessions for September 2019 to December 2019

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Since 2009, we have delivered over 500 diversity education workshops for thousands of Albertans, using film as a vehicle for learning, discussion and empathy.

Whether you'd like to host a screening for your high school class, university student group or seniors centre, we’ll come to you to facilitate a discussion on a topic of your choice. Our films, and the remarkable dialogue that follows, will stimulate, inspire, and foster compassion through understanding.

We’ll address any topic or issue that can make a difference to your community, such as:

  • Transgender & Intersex Education

  • Queer History

  • Bullying (School & Workplace)

  • Healthy Relationships (Dating & Family)

  • Homosexuality & Faith

  • QTBIPOC and Intersectionality

  • Indigenous Acknowledgement and Two Spirit Identity

OUTReels Workshops:

LGBT 101:

This workshop is an introduction to the language, context, and history of the LGBTQ2+ community, including resources for youth, teachers, and families.

LGBT 101 for GSA's:

This workshop is an introduction to the language, context and identities, for Jr High to High School age students, teachers and GSA's

Developing Ally-Ship:

This workshop includes ways to engage in effective ally-ship, both in a personal and professional context, as well as tools to help develop new relationships with the community.

Trans and Non-Binary 101:

This workshop will explore the language, lived experience, and context of Trans people and their families. The workshop is an open braver space learning opportunity, all participants are welcome.

Trans and Non-Binary 101 in the Work Place:

This will include social and professional capacity building for working with Trans/Non-Binary co-workers, friends, family members, as well as addressing myths and challenges. This is a HR competency building workshop and can be paired with policy consultation.


Suitaakii Black

Suitaakii Black is the Programming Coordinator for the Calgary Queer Arts Society and alongside James Demers, is a co-facilitator for the OutReels Diversity Education Program.

In 2017 she won the "Shine" Award at the Southern Alberta Indigenous Youth Awards for her work and advocacy in the LGBTQ2S+ Community. For the last 5 years she has been doing workshop facilitation, public speaking, writing, and filmmaking projects to educate and make space for the community to build and learn together.


James Demers

James Demers is the Executive Director of the Calgary Queer Arts Society and the lead educator of the OUTReels Diversity Education Program.

He has worked as a trans activist in Alberta for 11 years, working with a variety of organizations, cooperations and government institutions to create a more equitable world for LGBT people and their families.

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