Coming Out Monologues, YYC


The Coming Out Monologues, YYC are a celebration of community that bring a diverse selection of spoken word, movement, and musical pieces to the stage every season! Beginning in 2011, The Coming Out Monologues, YYC provides a stage for queer and ally stories to be shared. This annual event has seen audiences grow year after year, and continues to host sold out shows. Whether attending as an audience member, or as a storyteller from the stage, the Coming Out Monologues provide the entire community an opportunity to celebrate diversity in our city. 

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If You’ve Got a Story, We’ve Got a Stage!

The 2020 Coming Out Monologues, YYC

The 11th Anniversary Coming Out Monologues, YYC is coming March 19-21!

Auditions for the 2020 Coming Out Monologues will be held in December! Stay tuned for more details.

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