How Film Helps Educate

When picturing someone watching a movie, most people imagine someone relaxing, vegging out, just having a good time. The main purpose most people associate with watching a film is entertainment. Perhaps this is the case with most Hollywood productions, but film has the potential to do so much more. Films can help educate people in many different ways. How?

Cultural Understanding

Films can open your eyes to completely new and different cultures. Through film, stories are told, and it can become easier to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Film can capture the human soul and culture in a way that no other medium can. Dancing, singing and raw emotion can all be captured on film.

Whether through short clips or full movies and documentaries, film can spark discussion, change perspectives and create understanding of other cultures. It all depends on how film is used.


More traditionally, films can educate by transmitting information. Whether a film shares statistics, facts or cutting-edge research and ideas, the viewer is left with a greater sense of understanding around certain topics. Film often has an impact value which is higher than other media. Not only will you learn a number or percentage, but you’ll see and hear the people that the number is referring to, personalizing it and bringing it to life.

Fairy Tales Films

At Fairy Tales, one of our goals is to educate others about LGBTQ+ issues and our community. Through educational storytelling, we can create more compassion, empathy and a stronger society. The more queer representation in film, and the more people who tell their stories, the more positive connections we can make.

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