Where to Start? Festival Selections

Still deciding what to see? One of the joyous elements of any festival is the variety of choices: there are suddenly more great and unique events happening than you may even be able to attend! Rather than being overwhelmed by all the awesome options, we're starting you off with a list of programmer and staff selections. Leap into the festival with a sense of adventure and you may be wonderfully surprised by something new or unexpected!

METUBE, part of DANCING QUEER CARTOONS May 22 11PM                          ALEX AND ALI, May 27 9PM
Best Short Film                                                                                                                                  Best Feature Film



THE NEW MAN - Sat May 30 3PMThe New Man WEB SIZE James Demers - Executive Director

"This is truly a story which take you on a journey through the trials of a fascinating woman. It's rare to see a documentary filmmaker take over 20 years to tell a story and in this case the time is more than justified. Her life touched on family, sex work, international politics, and is nothing short of a personal revolution. This is a film for everyone and anyone."


APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR - Sat May 23 9PMAppropriate Behavior Oriana Pagnotta - Operations Manager

"Scathingly funny and honest, the cast charms all the way through Shirin's misadventures through relationships with friends, family, and romance in Brooklyn. The witty script continued to delight and surprise me as the story unfolds. I still giggle remembering the frank, awkward, and beautiful moments of navigating your 20's. I enjoyed the positive bisexual representation and the feminist sensibility. Smart, interesting characters in a film that passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours is a huge win!"


BLUE AND NOT SO PINK - Sun May 24 9PMBlueNotSoPink22 websize Veronica Reeves - Festival Assistant 

"Without any warning, Blue and Not So Pink put me on an emotional roller coaster for its full two hour ride and didn't let me off until the credits started rolling. Its compelling characters had me both laughing and crying and never knowing which of my emotions it would pursue next. The portrayal of every relationship is thoughtful and endearing, from the restoration of an estranged relationship between father and son to the deep caring between friends and lovers. At its core, Blue and Not So Pink is about love: the people we love and what it makes us do. My recommendation for Blue and Not So Pink comes with a warning: please be aware that this film includes a violent hate crime that may be upsetting or triggering for some viewers."

BOYS - Fri May 22, 9PMBoys1 Kiana Woo - Volunteer & Social Media Coordinator

"This is a wonderfully heart warming film that leaves you feeling uplifted and hopeful. This movie is filled with beautiful boys and beautiful cinematography. Watching the journey of someone falling in love and finding themselves in the process was incredible. Overall, I adored this gorgeous movie."