5 Reasons Why Calgary Pride Week Matters


Although it may seem like we’ve come a long way, Calgary’s LGBTQ2A+ community has more to do! Travels of Adam says, “It might be easy to see the increased visibility of queer people in our culture as a sign of progress. And it is, but it’s not enough.”

Calgary Pride Week is an important event! It’s a great tool for education, inclusivity, and the evolution of the queer community.

Here are 5 reasons why Calgary Pride Week matters:

There’s More Work to Do

In Calgary, we have legal protections in place for those who identify as queer. Many queer individuals around the world live without this luxury. We march for their freedom.

Visibility Matters

Many young queer boys and girls feel alone in the world. Show them that Calgary’s LGBTQ2A+ community is a loving and vibrant environment!

Celebrating Queer Culture is Essential

Calgary Pride Week is unlike any other festival in Calgary. It marks a special celebration of the LGBTQ2A+ community’s vast achievements.

We Grow Through Learning

The only way to break down barriers is through education. Calgary Pride Week reaches a broad audience. Community members have the opportunity to ask questions. We encourage individuals to learn something new about the LGBTQ2A+ community. This helps us develop a more inclusive society.

It’s a Time for Everyone to Come Together

There is a place for everyone at Calgary Pride! This is a special time for the queer community and our allies to join forces. Through collaboration, we can create great change.

Will you be attending Pride Week? Check out our list of sponsored events here. We hope to see you there! 


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