3 Common LGBTQ+ Workplace Issues & How to Solve Them

According to a survey by Sodexo, 81% of LGBTQ+ respondents believe that there is still a lot of work to do by Canadian businesses to make sure their community feels welcome. Today, we’ll talk you through some of the top LGBTQ+ workplace issues. By addressing each of these problems, one at a time, we can begin to improve the statistics and ensure that all Canadians feel welcome in their workplace.

Workplace Issue #1: Intolerance

A recent study from 2011 showed that one in ten LGBTQ+ employees feel that coworkers or employers are intolerant of their sexual orientation. In addition, between one-third to one-half of respondents reported having experienced some sort of discrimination in their professional lives. This is an issue that makes the workplace unwelcoming and uncomfortable.

Workplace Issue #2: LGBTQ+ Employees Staying in the Closet

Even if a workplace may appear welcoming, employees may not feel they have the space to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity at work. The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion found that 85% of LGBTQ+ respondents reported that it was somewhat, fairly, very important or important to be out at work.

Workplace Issue #3: LGBTQ+ Employees Leaving

Rather than putting up with an intolerant or unwelcoming environment, talented LGBTQ+ employees may just pick up and leave. This creates high levels of turnover and lost talent.

The Solution? Diversity & Sensitivity Training

To truly overcome all LGBTQ+ workplace issues, there is a lot of work to be done by businesses and organizations. But, by informing and educating employees, businesses can all strive to create a brighter, more inclusive future.

With diversity and sensitivity training, members of your team will learn about gender sensitive language, zero tolerance for discrimination in the workplace, and strategies against discrimination and harassment. Take a stand against intolerance. Contact us today to learn how you can receive diversity training at your workplace

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