Fairy Tales Presentation Society is now Calgary Queer Arts Society!


Big news! After nearly 20 years, Fairy Tales Presentation Society is rebranding! Our organization has grown and developed over the years, and after consulting our board, a selection of our members, and our community partners, we felt collectively that it was time to introduce a new identity that better represents our evolution and the various programs we’ve developed over the years. We’re excited to introduce Calgary Queer Arts Society!

Now, we know what you may be thinking – “Why the name change, and why drop ‘Fairy Tales’ when it’s been such an important part of our history!?” Have no fear! Our name change doesn’t mean we’re losing or replacing any of our programs, including the Film Festival! Fairy Tales will remain a program name as part of this rebranding project, to keep the identity of the festival as it relates to our programs clear. To this end, we have developed an updated logo. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Our History

Founded in 1999, Fairy Tales Calgary's Queer Film Festival emerged out of the desire to see queer stories represented on screen and to bring the queer community together. Our festival provided an outlet for LGBTQ2+ audiences to experience, and engage with, queer people and their stories. Our goal was to provide inclusivity to the greater Alberta area by giving voice to stories not often heard. 

Since our humble beginnings, we have experienced tremendous growth and have implemented new programs, such as the Youth Queer Media Program, OUTReels Diversity Education Program, the Ally Toolkit Conference, and The Coming Out Monologues, YYC.

Why Rebrand?

We are ready for the next chapter, and we know this shift to the Calgary Queer Arts Society is going to help us accomplish our goal of growing the organization, strengthening our programs and extending our impact across the province. We have developed immensely in recent years, and have established many new and innovative programs that advocate for inclusivity within communities and institutions.

With this rebrand, we feel that we can attain more funding opportunities to give our diverse programs the attention they so greatly need. Our new and improved rebrand will allow us to serve the greater Calgary and Alberta areas by promoting social justice issues through a queer lens.

What You Can Expect: New Name, Same Great Programming

We are the same organization, with the same mission, vision and values. However, all of our programs now fall under one umbrella known as the Calgary Queers Arts Society. Our new brand aims to engage more communities and institutions for learning and educational purposes. Our mission has always been to advocate for the LGBTQ2+ community. We envision a world where diverse queer stories are integrated, celebrated and expected, and our work is far from over. Our commitment to queer arts, education, and advocacy remains, and our renowned film festival, Fairy Tales Calgary's Queer Film Festival, is not going anywhere! With new funding opportunities, we hope to be fully engaged in new communities across the province. We’re focused on educating and shifting perspectives by embracing, sharing and celebrating queer people and their stories.

We will never forget our history, and Fairy Tales will always remain an important part of who we are. We look forward to taking this next step with all of you as we move past our 20th year as an organization.

We welcome any questions, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new identity!

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