Lesbian Visibility Day: Celebrating Strong Women



Lesbian Visibility Day takes place on April 26th, and it provides an opportunity to highlight the positive impact lesbians have around the world. Although L is the first letter in LGBTQ2+, lesbians are wholly underrepresented. Jessica Borham of Stonewall says, “One thing I’m reminded of on this day is the common misconception that as a lesbian you are either ‘butch’ or ‘femme’ and never both or anything in between.”

At Fairy Tales, we work passionately to educate local communities about gender stereotypes and hurtful language. When we look at lesbians through the eye of a straight male, “it is not only frustrating, but can also be degrading and demeaning.”

Lesbian Visibility Day is a celebration of lesbian culture and diversity. Here are just a few of our favourite role models who give a voice to queer women:

  1. Ellen Page: International advocate for LGBTQ2+ rights.
  2. Wanda Sykes: Public activist for LGBTQ2+ marriage equality.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres: Provider of premium television space to discuss important LGBTQ2+ issues.

While we celebrate the voices of wonderful queer celebrities, we still need “strong lesbian role models in all walks of life. Real people with complex and varied identities.” Queer women in all professions can teach younger lesbians that they can achieve greatness.

Did you have a lesbian role model growing up? Did an educator, parent, or mentor show you that being a lesbian is something to commemorate? Comment below:

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