Five Ways You Can Take a Stand on International Stand Up to Bullying Day


Today is International Stand Up to Bullying Day. The event is nationwide and encourages kindness, acceptance, and education. says, “Bullying is an issue which affects people from all walks of life and can happen at any point. Research confirms the long lasting and damaging outcomes for the individual being bullied.”

At Fairy Tales Presentation Society, we are all too familiar with bullying. LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to be bullied throughout their lives.

Here are five ways you can stand up to bullying:

1. Wear a Pink Pledge Shirt

Wear a pink shirt and make a pledge not to engage in bullying. Encourage others to sign your shirt and take the pledge with you.

2. Host a Workplace Seminar

Create a workplace activity that emphasizes the seriousness of bullying. Prepare a presentation with statistics, group discussion and feedback. Work on implementing new policies, and have colleagues take the pledge.

3. Host an Event in School

Encourage students to “use their WITTS,” W=walk away, I=ignore, T=tell them to stop, Talk=talk about solutions, S=seek help.

4. Teach Proper Social Media Etiquette

Promote healthy and positive social media interactions. Motivate individuals to take the pledge online and teach others about the damaging effects of online bullying.

5. Become an Ambassador in Your Community

Host your own simulated discussion about bullying. OUTReels is proud to provide an environment for discussion, activities, and positive change.

How are you standing up to bullying?

Our OUTReels Program is a phenomenal way to educate the public about bullying and the many issues queer individuals face. To find out how our program can come to your school, workplace, or community, contact us today:!

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