10 Signs That You're Meant for our Youth Queer Media Program


At FairyTales Presentation Society, our Youth Queer Media Program provides a secure space for young filmmakers to sharpen their skills. Young people have a lot to say, and we want their voices be heard. Philip Picardi from Conde Nast says, “If I’ve learned anything from my time at Teen Vogue, it’s that young people are dominating our culture and they’re going to shape it in a way that we really weren’t expecting, particularly in matters of gender and sexuality.”

Unsure of whether you would thrive in our program? Here are 10 signs that you are definitely meant for our Youth Queer Media Program:

1. You Love Film

Get trained by professional filmmakers!

2. LGBTQ+ Issues are Important to You

Show the community what is significant.

3. You Love to Learn

We will teach you the essentials!

4. You Like Meeting New Friends

There’s no better way! 

5. You’re a Star on the Rise

Show us what you’ve got! 

6. You Want Your Message to be Heard

Your film is presented to the public.

7. You Want to Engage with the Community

Let them know what the youth of today are facing.

8. You Have an Open Schedule From Dec-March

Perfect - we can change that! 

9. You’re Between the Ages of 16-24

10. You Want to Make a Difference

Our program aims to change hearts and minds.

If all the signs pointed to “Yes!” then apply for our Youth Queer Media Program today!

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