Ally ToolKit Conference

The Ally Toolkit Conference is a one-day conference offering a holistic toolkit for better ally-ship in schools, at work and in our communities. As the Alberta Government implements new legislation protecting diversity in our schools, now more than ever, allies of the LGBTQ2A+ are asking: How can I help? 

Many don’t know where to start. Many have questions they don’t know how to ask. Many need an invitation to join a community they might not otherwise know how to engage with. The Ally Toolkit Conference helps begin this conversation.

2018 ally toolkit conference 

Saturday, May 5th, 2018  
10:00am – 4:00pm

Memorial Park Library, 1221 2nd St SW, Calgary

$50.00 - includes lunch & refreshments
A limited amount of accessibility registration is available, which is free of charge. If you feel that financial barriers would prevent you from otherwise participating in this conference, we encourage you to select to register for FREE at our checkout under our accessibility policy.

Please register in advance, space is limited!

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